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MDT - Voronezh region

MDT - Voronezh region
Initiator: Micro Dynamic Technologies (MDT), Tamas Pushkash
Location: Voronezh region
Capacity: 250,000 tons of wheat per year
Investment: 150 million euros
Status: Discussion


In the Voronezh region want to produce biofuels

December 6, 2018 10:50

Governor of the Voronezh Region Alexander Gusev held a meeting with Tamas Puskash, general director of the Moscow Micro Dynamic Technologies (MDT). The latter proposed to build a plant for the production of biofuels in the Voronezh Region, reports Kommersant-Chernozemye.
The company wants to implement a similar project in the Kursk region. They want to start building a factory there in 2019 and launch it in operation in 2022. The capacity of the enterprise, according to Puskás, may amount to 250 thousand tons of processing per year. The cost of construction is estimated at € 150 million (11.35 billion rubles at the rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation as of December 5). "Enterprises in both Kursk and Voronezh provide for the processing of wheat, other grains, and starch into a series of by-products, only about 30. The main one is bioethanol," the MDT general director told the publication. Bioethanol is an analogue of ordinary ethanol, obtained from vegetable raw materials for use as fuel.
Puskas noted that it is planned to attract loans from banks as well as sources of financing for the implementation of projects, as well as to place shares on the Moscow Stock Exchange.
The economic development department of the Voronezh region on behalf of the governor will look for a site for the project. "We will offer several competitive sites in different areas, as requested by the company. But in order to carry out this work, they asked her for the project parameters, which were not announced at the meeting. After all, it is not possible otherwise to estimate the size of the sanitary zone, the need of the site for electricity, gas, water, and transport accessibility. I would like the project to take place, but it needs to be more precise and serious, with calculated indicators, "said the head of department, Anatoly Bukreev. He said that investors want to process not only grain. The raw materials can be, including MSW, old tires, animal remains (as food processing waste).
"The cost price of a liter of bioethanol is about 25 rubles. It would seem that it makes it much cheaper than the usual petroleum products. But in Russia, regardless of the raw materials used, whether it is feed grain or old tires, it is subject to the same excise tax as ethanol - 107 rubles per liter. Vegetable fuel projects are bold and important, but excise policies stifle them in the bud. Now it is nothing more than exotic. If the state establishes a low excise tax for biofuels, the project will become topical, "said Alexei Antonov, an analyst at Alora.
"In Europe, bioethanol is already playing a large role in agriculture, this market is quite large. But in Russia, its volume is only about 500 thousand tons per year, mainly for producers' own consumption. After all, 90% of the cost of biofuels is an unjustified excise, and the sale of a mixture of bioethanol with gasoline or diesel as fuel is prohibited because low-quality fuel can be sold along with biofuels, "said Ita Zharsky, managing partner of the Veta expert group.
According to the IAS Seldon.Basis, MDT OJSC was registered in Moscow in 2017. At the same time, according to the Voronezh regional government, at the meeting with the leadership of the region, Puskas said that "Micro-dynamic technologies" have been working in the field of alternative energy for about 15 years. Elena Mugaysky owns 100% of the company's shares. Authorized capital - 100 thousand rubles. Financial indicators are not disclosed.

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